Breezy Point Summertime Beach Guide

Breezy Point Surf Club is welcoming everyone to come join them to make a splash in 2023. Located on the edge of Queens New, Breezy point offers resort amenities with a beachfront to the Atlantic Ocean. To find out more about Breezy Point and what it has to offer for your next trip, continue reading down below.

Check out Breezy Point’s Amenities

Whether just visiting or a season pass holder, Breezy Point provides a variety of amenities for its guests to use and experience. From relaxing with beach access, working out in the indoor gym, or playing tennis with friends and family, Breezy Point has everything you need for a fun trip.

Try out Captain Gig’s Bar

A must do for your beach vacation is to check out Captain Gig’s Bar. Having been recently remodeled, Captain Gigs Bar is the perfect spot for fun and relaxation. With a variety of food and drink, multiple entertainment options, and an indoor and outdoor section, there is plenty to do for all ages.

Explore Queens, New York

One of the best features about Breezy Point is the location being in Queens, New York. There are numerous amounts of things to do right by Breezy Point such as museums, entertainment centers, shopping centers, and much more. Having a large city surrounding this resort gives you and your family the perfect opportunity to experience new surroundings.