Kids’ Day Camps

Our desire is to offer a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our camp program. The camp provides excitement through varied activities, friendships, and experiences. The camp is well-monitored for your peace of mind. We look forward to enhancing your child’s summer in many ways. We hope to encourage your child to participate in activities through which they can develop new skills and improve their abilities. It is hoped that our camping activities will nurture self-reliance and self-confidence. We welcome your encouragement. The desire is for your children to have fun while participating in the camp program.

The staff will encourage participation and effort by your children to foster their enthusiasm. The varied personalities on staff will offer opportunities for using their experience, expertise, and training to create new options for your child and the camp. Staff participation includes pre-camp orientation and staff review and training to provide safety, security, fun and a sense of identity.

Our beautiful site at Breezy Point Surf Club includes the beach and pool facilities including a kiddie pool and sports facilities. Our facilities provide a safe and fun experience for your children.

Camp Guidelines

Camp registration: Campers must be between the ages of 3 and 12 and be fully potty-trained in order to participate in camp. Children must have reached the required age of 3 yrs old and potty-trained a week before the start date of the camp and be a “Child” season pass holder registered to an accommodation. To register your child, please go to our website, All registrations are done online and submitted electronically. An original birth certificate is required for all 3 year olds and must be presented on the first day of camp.

The day camp season is 8 weeks, and the camp schedule is Monday through Friday 12:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.

All three, four, and five year old campers will line up and be picked up in the Day Camp Area (Via Shannon Room).

Breezy Point Surf Club Day Camp Tee shirts must be worn by all campers with their bathing suits. Any child not properly attired will be returned to their parents. Tee shirts will be available for purchase at the main office.

Parents or guardians must remain at the club during camp hours.

Children should be wearing their Camp Tee-shirt with their bathing suit. Children’s attire should be labeled.

Camp attendance will be taken in each group at the beginning of the day. Children must be present at the beginning of each daily session in order to participate during that session. We find that children who attend camp on a regular basis get more out of our program.

Many parents ask about our tipping suggestions. Twenty five dollars per week per child is recommended.

Only Season Pass Holders are permitted to participate in camp.


Special Events Included

Olympics and Color War
Aqua shows, swimming races
Special Entertainment
Scavenger and treasure hunts
Sports leagues
Special Parties
Disco and dance contests

Special Theme Days Included

Getting to know the special you
Discovering nature and our environment
Movies and Television
Mystery and Guess Who
Fun and Games
Water, Water, Everywhere