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FAQs for Silver Gull and Breezy Point Beach Clubs

Updated March 11, 2021

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Q – Will the club open on time?
A – At this time we are still planning on opening on time but will monitor the impact of local and federal regulations related to the current pandemic and adjust if needed. 

Q – What restrictions will be in place for Masks and other COVID-19 rules?
A – We are currently working with federal and local authorities and monitoring the current CDC guidelines.  As we get closer to the opening date we will provide specific information about social distancing, masks, and other restrictions.

Q – What is the deadline for deciding if we want to come to the club this summer?
A – At this time, our normal commitment and financial requirements are still in place.  If that changes, we will communicate as soon as possible. 

Q – Will there be a limit to the number of people that can be in the club each day?
A – We are not able to predict what the occupancy limitations will be at this time.  We are impacted by the local and federal guidelines on gatherings for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  We are building plans for maximum allowed occupancy daily.  As those evolve, we will communicate any limitations on capacity.

Q – Will the pools be open? 
A – It is our goal to open the pools and will do so under the guidelines and restrictions as laid out by the local and federal authorities. 

Q – Will the restaurant be open?
A – Our restaurants, and all dining options, will be required to follow the local and federal guidelines on indoor and outdoor dining that are in place at the time. 

Q – If the club opens but under limited operations and services like last year, what will the discount be on accommodations and membership?
A – At this time we have not contemplated a discount.  When we get closer to the deadline for final payments, we will communicate what the operating scenario will be along with the financial requirements. 

Q – Is there a chance that you won’t open the clubs this year?
A – It’s our ultimate goal to open the clubs for our members.  Last year we did so under extreme conditions and made a sizable investment to do so.  There is a minimum amount of expense that it takes to even open the clubs.  If we are not able to achieve enough revenue through memberships to cover those expenses, then we will not open the clubs.

Q – Since we still don’t have pricing is 1/2 payment going to be due by 3/15?
A – Yes, your payment of half will be due by 3/15 and that will be based on the approved rates as of that time.

Q – Is the refund time going to be extended since we do not have pricing yet?
A – we will provide the final approved rates in advance of the 3/15 deadline, and plan to hold to the original timeline for payments.

Q – Will Guest passes be the same price ?
A – Yes, we will keep the guest passes at the same price. 

Q – Will there be a discount on guest pass books if paid in full by 3/15?
A – Yes, we will continue to give our discounted rates on guest books if you have paid in full by 3/15

Q – Are you planning on having swim lessons this summer ?
A – Yes, we are planning to have a swim instructor on site this summer. 

Q –   What services will be available?
A – Currently we are planning for our full suite of services to include sports, day camps and other activities.  The participation rules will be based on local and federal guidelines at the time.

Contact Milo Hechanova with questions at 718-634-2500 (leave a voicemail) or [email protected] As always, calls and emails will be responded to in a timely manner.